Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer

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The Vapir Oxygen Mini kit has a Star Trek look and feel that will please all of the nerdy people who use vaporizers for aromatherapy. The heat shield around the base looks like the sets from the Original Star Trek and one just wants to ask Scotty to beam him or her up. Instead of beaming up, one can breathe in the pure vapor from this device.

The kit has a digital display to indicate temperature. This portable kit is truly portable and fits into pockets and bags neatly. Fans of the original Star Trek will be both taken back to the 1960s and launched into the future with the Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer.

This kit looks futuristic and works like an advanced piece of technology. Even with its forward-thinking design, the Vapir Oxygen Mini kit is simple to use. With a heating method that is superbly effectual and its extremely portable, this kit is easy to use on the go. The delivery system for the vapor does not leave any unintended taste in the mouth. It has an external battery and an AC adapter for charging that can be purchased to add to the kit to make it an agreeable pocket sized companion.

The kit comes with a cleaning brush and two cleaning sticks. With the use of these cleaning tools, this kit is easy to clean without much effort. Sometimes futuristic looking devices are covering up subpar functionality. However, the Vapir Oxygen Mini kit is not covering up anything. It is simple high-tech.



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