Vapir One V 5.0 Vaporizer + Inflation Kit

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The Vapir One V 5.0 Vaporizer looks like a telescope or a small video camera made for aromatherapy. It comes all in black and has a handle that has all of the digital displays on it. The inflation kit refers to a balloon that can be used with the vaporizer. The vapors fill the balloon and can he inhaled from there. The vaporizer also comes with a whip. The unit is portable because it is small.

However, it does not work off of a battery and has to be plugged into the wall. Portable vaporizers that come with whips and balloons are rare. It is small enough to fit into a bag and be easily carried. For people who want a portable vaporizer that has some of the functionality of a table top vaporizer, the Vapir One V 5.0 Vaporizer with the inflation kit is a good choice.

Beyond the video camera like looks of the Vapir One V 5.0 Vaporizer, it is a high quality portable vaporizer. The fan on the Vapir One V 5.0 Vaporizer has 3 speeds making the vapor release just how the user likes it. The cartridge is easy to load and the herb disc ensures that none of the herb is wasted.

The balloon is larger than more balloons offering more vapor per use. The balloon work well if the vapor is being shared among more than one person. For an individual using the vaporizer, the whip is a great way to enjoy the vapors in private. This versatile vaporizer is the best of portable vaporizers.

Vapir One V 5.0 Vaporizer Kit Includes:

1 x Vapir ONE v5.0 Vaporizer
2 x Empty Replacement Disks
2 x 15” Vapir Tubes
1 x Vapir Mouthpiece
Plastic Tweezers
1 x Power Cord
Inflation Kit
- 5 x Vapir XL Inflation Balloons
- 5 x Balloon End Caps
- User Manual + 90 day Warranty upgradable to 3 Years

PLEASE NOTE: All vaporizers on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.

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