VapeCase Volcano Soft Case

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Sometimes one wants to take his or her aromatherapy vaporizer to a friend’s place, maybe the owner of the vaporizer is moving or just wants some place to put the vaporizer when friends who do not vaporize come over. The VapeCase Volcano Soft Case is the perfect bag for this occasion. Nobody wants to broadcast to the world that he or she is carrying a vaporizer. This case looks absolutely nondescript.

It is plain black and has a carrying handle. As far as anyone knows, it contains a camera, tools or even gym clothes. Additionally, a vaporizer is not a cheap item. There is no reason to carry the Volcano Vaporizer around in a manner where it could get broken. With this case, the owner of a Volcano Vaporizer can safely and discreetly carry his or her vaporizer anywhere.

The VapeCase Volcano Soft Case fits either the digital or original Volcano Vaporizer. The bag has slots inside that are cut specifically to snuggly hold the Volcano Vaporizer. There is room in the bag for all of the accessories and a grinder. The Volcano and its accessories do not rattle around in the case and are cushioned to protect against being dropped or even bumped around in the car.

The soft case will not break like plastic. Keeping the Volcano Vaporizer in the VapeCase Volcano Soft Case is also a way to keep dust and other contaminates away from the vaporizer when it is not in use. For owners of the Volcano Vaporizer, this case is essential.

PLEASE NOTE: All vaporizers on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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