VapeCase Magic-Flight Launch Box Case in Black - Quarantine Series

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This case for the Magic-Flight Launch Box is the ultimate case for protection and portability. This case does have the look of a tool box but unlike other cases it looks like a full tool box rather than a box for one tool. However, the only tools it contains is the Magic-Flight Launch Box and its accessories.

The case does come in 2 sizes, so those who do not want to lug around a large case have the option of a smaller version. Both of the sizes of this case are black in color. This vaporizer case will make carrying a vaporizer a discreet affair. Anyone who wants to make carrying a vaporizer unobtrusive and handy, this case will do it.

This case is not just a aromatherapy vaporizer box that looks like something else. It is a seamless way to transport a Magic-Flight Launch Box. The case has a hard outer shell and is impact resistant. Inside of the case is foam with cutouts made just right for the Magic-Flight Launch Box. The foam keeps the vaporizer from shaking around in the case.

Also, the foam in the case adds to the resistance to impact that will keep the vaporizer safe. One great feature is the shoulder strap that is attached to the case. This makes carrying the case easy and efficient. Portable vaporizers are wonderfully small and cartable things. However, the small size sometimes makes them more fragile and easily lost. The VapeCase Magic-Flight Launch Box Case is the perfect way to safely carry a vaporizer.

PLEASE NOTE: All vaporizers on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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