VapeCase Arizer Extreme Q

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The VapeCase Extreme Q Vape Case is the perfect solution for when an owner of either an Extreme Q or V-Tower vaporizer needs to transport his or her vaporizer for aromatherapy needs. Tower vaporizers are versatile, usually can be used by several people at once and are fun to use but they are not the easiest to transport.

Tower vaporizers are also bigger and harder to store. However, this soft case is perfect for discreetly storing or carrying a Extreme Q or V-Tower vaporizer. The bag is a plain black color that could be meant to carry anything. People will just think that the bag holds a camera or some other typical piece of equipment. This case is the perfect way to safely carry a vaporizer without hassle.

Not only does the bag look like it contains nothing exciting, it also is safe and convenient. Even if the vaporizer is just sitting at home, it needs to be protected. Dust and air can get to the vaporizer and harm it's functionality. A case can keep the vaporizer safe while not in use.

The bag has been designed to specifically hold and cushion the Extreme Q or V-Tower vaporizer. For this reason, the vaporizer will not get knocked around while it is being carried in this case. The most convenient thing about this bag is that it had a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry. Wither on the move or storing at home, the VapeCase Extreme Q VapeCase will keep the vaporizer safe.

PLEASE NOTE: All vaporizers on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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