ThisThingRips ReMIX Vaporizer

The ThisThingRips ReMIX Vaporizer is a state-of-the-art wax concentrate vaporizer for the modern vaping enthusiast. The heating chamber for the ReMIX is made from durable and insulating ceramic, which provides even heat and smooth, pure vaporization. The chamber has no fibers, no metals, and no glues of any sort. It is a solid piece of ceramic that forgoes the traditional coils for something more efficient.

The chamber, which ThisThingRips calls a Thermal Cup, is certainly aptly named. Where most devices have a small ceramic dish or plate as a vaporization surface, the ReMIX uses a full cup of ceramic to ensure optimal surface area. The cup can hold a tremendous volume of wax concentrate, which is great for the heavy user who is constantly on the go. With the Thermal Cup, every hit will be perfect and consistent.

The ReMIX also includes a new Direct Quad Airflow system that boosts the airflow through the device with each draw, allowing the user to get much bigger hits with only nominal effort. The increased airflow is also great for those who prefer vapor with more air behind it, which helps cool the vapor without sacrificing flavor.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the ReMIX is that ThisThingRips was able to fit all that technology into such a small, compact space. The device is quite small for such a powerful vaporizer, and it provides a discreet way to enjoy vapor absolutely anywhere.

Features and Accessories included with the ThisThingRips ReMIX Vaporizer:
  • Wax Concentrate Vaporizer
  • Fully Ceramic Chamber
  • Double-Wall Thermal Cup
  • Direct Quad Airflow System
  • Slim & Discreet Design
  • Includes 6500mA Battery
  • Includes (2) Thermal Cup Atomizers
  • Includes Pen Cap
  • Includes Polycarbonate Visual Reaction Chamber
  • Includes Patented SURE-GRIP Silicone Jar
  • Includes Quick-Charge USB Cable
  • Includes (2) Silicone Heat Rings
  • Includes (2) Cleaning Wipes
  • Includes Stainless Steel Dab Tool
  • Includes Instruction Manual
  • 90 Days Warranty

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