Space Case 2 Piece Grinders

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Space Case 2 Piece Grinders truly are space-age grade grinders. A grinder is an important accessory for anyone who vaporizes aromatherapy and one’s grinder might as well be top quality. These small grinders are 2 pieces of grinding madness. The grinders come in black or silver. They are smaller than 3 or 4 piece grinders and therefore, are easier to take on the go. The grinder looks like a simple and plain metal container but is so much more. This grinder comes in 4 different sizes which are smaller or bigger based on circumference. The size difference gives one the ability to have a smaller grinder for portable vaporizers and a larger one for table top vaporizers. For people who need an herb grinder to carry with them or to keep at home, this grinder fits the bill.

Part of the reason why this grinder is so effective is because of the seemed edges. Seemed edging comes from the use of invisible seems made in something that is formed from one piece of aluminum. This makes turning the grinder a smooth process. The blades are as sharp as diamonds and grind up any blends with ease. There is no need to struggle with this grinder. The lids of these grinders have strong magnets that help the lid remain air-tight. Space Case 2 Piece Grinders are made in the USA. Those who do not think that they need a grinder need only to use a Space Case 2 Piece Grinder and they will soon be changing their tunes.

PLEASE NOTE: All vaporizers on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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