Puffit X Vaporizer By Puffit

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The Puffit X Kit looks exactly like an inhaler for people with asthma. However, it isn’t albuterol that is being inhaled, it is used for aromatherapy. It comes in green, lavender or silver which are colors that one might find on some inhalers. It is about the same size as an inhaler and therefore, fits into pockets, purses or backpacks. The Puffit X Kit easily fits into the hand and is lightweight. The fact that it a Kit is almost undetectable. For those who want to openly use their Kit without being questioned, the Puffit X Kit ’s design is perfect.

Even though it looks like an emergency inhaler for asthmatics, the Puffit X Kit works like a technologically advanced Kit . It is one of the few portable Kit s that has a forced air system and claims to be the first portable Kit like that. It only takes second for the Kit to be ready to enjoy and has 8 levels, the top level reaches a temperature of 410 degrees F due to a heating system that works with the gold plated chamber.

Even though it gets very hot, the heat resistant silicone outside allows it to be used without burning anyone’s fingers. The amount of odor released from the puffit vape matches its discreet looks. Little if any smell comes from this Kit while it is in use. The rechargeable battery comes with a 3 month warranty and the Kit is guaranteed with a 1 year warranty. Anyone who needs a discreet way to vaporize…er…control asthma, should check out this Kit .

Puffit X Vaporizer comes with:

-The PUFFiT X Kit
-One Mouthpiece Cap
-A Wall Charger
-USB Cable to charge the device
-A Charging Stand
-One Silicone Heat Cap
-One Neoprene Carry Bag
-3 x Mouthpiece Cover
-4 x Screens
-Silicon Heat Cap
-A Wire Cleaning Tool
-One Filler Funnel
-Puffit x Kit instructions Manual

* This product is shipping free in the 48 United States for a limited time only.

PLEASE NOTE: All Kit s on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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