OG Four 2.0 Vaporizer by ThisThingRips

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The OG Four 2.0 Vaporizer by ThisThingRips is an amazing pen-style device that uses sophisticated quartz technology to produce deliciously smooth vapor. The design of the device includes a polycarbonate heating chamber that is partially transparent and finished with an orange tint, and the remainder of the device sports a sleek chrome finish. This device is meant for use with wax concentrates, and it comes with a dab tool to help make loading the device easier. It also includes a silicone storage jar for transporting your concentrate.

Since quartz is so much more stable and inert than steel or ceramic, it is an ideal material for producing vapor. The quartz found in this device is exceptionally pure, and the coils have been calibrated to work with lower temperatures, meaning you'll never have to worry about burnt or charred hits. Combined with the visual heating chamber that allows the user to watch as their concentrate is vaporized, this device offers utility that other pen-style units can not. The dish for the loaded concentrates is quite deep as well, so it can be loaded with a good amount of concentrate for a single session. The airflow control system helps regulate the speed at which the concentrate is vaporized and inhaled, which guarantees smooth and cool vapor every time.

Features and Accessories included with the OG Four 2.0 Vaporizer:
  • Lava-Quartz Technology
  • Used with Concentrate Materials
  • Low-Temp Coil
  • Powerful Battery
  • Standard 510 Threading
  • Deep Dish Atomizer
  • Polycarbonate Heating Chamber
  • Includes OG Four 2.0 Device
  • Includes (2x) Single Coil Quartz Rod Atomizers
  • Includes 650mAh Battery
  • Includes Polycarbonate Chamber
  • Includes Mouthpiece
  • Includes Silicone Storage Jar
  • Includes Dab Tool
  • Includes USB Adapter
  • Includes (2x) Cleaning Wipes
  • Includes 90-Day Warranty

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