Micro Vaped Honeybird Nectar Collector Vaporizer

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The Micro Vaped Honeybird Nectar Collector Vaporizer was designed with the dab enthusiast in mind. The device includes a number of cutting-edge features that make it ideal for dabbing wax concentrates and botanical extracts. The Honeybird water filtration system can be used with or without a battery and an atomizer, so users can enjoy their vapor in whichever style they prefer. Should you prefer to use the device with a battery, it uses standard 510 threading, so most standard batteries will be compatible. The ability to use the device with or without a battery is known as Switch Hit Technology.

There is no denying that adding an element of water filtration to a dabbing rig increases the enjoyment of the experience in many ways. The water helps cool the vapor, and it adds additional moisture, which results in easier hits and smoother vapor. Using the Honeybird without a battery is quite simple. First, the device must be loaded with water, and that can be accomplished by using the device like a straw and sucking water up into it from a glass. This makes it easy to reach the desired water level. Next, the wax concentrate should be applied to the included glass parabolic dish. This ensures the device can access every bit of the material. Using a torch to heat the quart tip of the Honeybird is the best way to achieve the temperature necessary for vaping. Once the tip is heated, place it directly onto the concentrate while inhaling through the mouthpiece.

Users who want to use the device with a battery simply must remove the quartz tip and attach a compatible 510 threaded battery and atomizer combo.

Features and Accessories included with the Micro Vaped Honeybird Nectar Collector Vaporizer:
  • Quartz Tip Vaporizer
  • Water Cooling System
  • Standard 510 Threading
  • Switch Hit Performance
  • Spill-Proof
  • Works w/ Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz Tips
  • Includes Honeybird Glass Water Filtration System
  • Includes Parabolic Glass Dish w/ Silicone Lid
  • Includes Leather Protection Sleeve
  • Includes Quartz Tip
  • Includes Fill Bottle
  • Includes Waterproof Case

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