Iolite Vaporizer

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The Iolite Original Vaporizer looks like a walkie talkie or some other small electronic device. It isn’t loud and could be used in public for your aromatherapy practices without much notice. It comes in more colors than a lot of portable vaporizers. Those colors are: white, orange, purple, red, yellow, black, blue or green. The right side has a column of lines that gives the vaporizer a distinct look that is different than other similarly shaped vaporizers. It is small and easy to carry either on one’s person or in a bag. People who use the Iolite Original Vaporizer may not be communicating through a two-way radio but they are enjoying quality vapors.

Just because though the Iolite Original Vaporizer is compact and portable does not mean that it isn’t powerful. One of the unique features is that the Iolite Original Vaporizer is not battery powered but is run with butane. Because butane does not need to be charged electrically, one can use the Iolite Original Vaporizer while camping or hiking in the middle of nowhere. Just bring along an extra butane container and the vaporizer becomes a perfect camping buddy.

The Iolite Original Vaporizer also heats up within minutes and the heating mechanism ensures a consistent vapor. When vaporizing, a casual inhalation is all that is needed. The Iolite Original Vaporizer uses the blend effectively and fully, making it last for up to 15 minutes. People who vaporize and enjoy the great outdoors will find that the Iolite Original Vaporizer a perfect way to get around the need for electricity.

PLEASE NOTE: All vaporizers on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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