Herbal Aire H3 Kit

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The Herbal Aire H3 kit is a Canadian made kit for aromatherapy. The design takes on a kitchen appliance like look. It may look like a blender but don’t try to make a smoothie in it. The simple design will allow the owner hide the kit in plain sight. The front of the base has an analog temperature control on it and a light indicates when the kit has reached the proper temperature. For a discreet and elegant vaporizer, look no further.

In addition to its inconspicuous looks and sleek design, the H. Aire H3 kit is full of quality and versatility. The kit works on a forced air system which allows the vapor to be controlled to the user’s needs. With this vaporizer, there is no reason to grind blends as it has the capacity to vaporize whole blends. One of this vaporizer’s best features is the fact that it is able to be used in various ways. It comes with a balloon, a whip and a mouthpiece.

For personal use the whip or the mouth piece are perfect. Also, the kit can fill up to 2 balloons at once so it can be passed around. This kit is simple to clean and keep in top condition. The H. Aire H3 kit also comes with a 3 year warranty. Wither someone just wants a quality kit to use on his or her own or is a social butterfly who has friends over often, the H. Aire H3 kit is the perfect vaporizer.

PLEASE NOTE: All Kits on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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