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The H2FLO By FLYT LAB is a premium personal aromatherapy device designed for use with dried aromatic blends. It uses a ceramic heating chamber with a unique coil infused design, and the unit only uses convection heating to produce its vapor. It has a Smart Heat system that allows the user to select from three existing temperature settings, each perfectly balanced to offer brilliant vaporization potential. The goal of the device is to provide unmatched quality in its vapor while avoiding combustion at all costs.

The H2FLO is exceptionally easy to load and use on the go. Not only that, but the device can be customized with its included accessories for a more personalized experience. It can be built in three configurations that incorporate the use of the Air Chamber, the Water Chamber, or the mouthpiece attached directly to the control unit. Without the Air Chamber or the Water Chamber, the device is incredibly compact and perfect for carrying throughout the day.

The addition of the Flow Control Air Chamber allows the user to imbibe their vapor with air as they draw from the device. It also acts as a sort of reservoir for the vapor once the process has started. The unit has small windows so users can see their vapor. The Water Chamber incorporates a water filtration system into the unit, which makes the vapor cooler and smoother. This kit also comes with spare o-rings and a tool set for easy maintenance, as well as a grinder and a power cord to recharge the battery.

Features and Accessories includes with the H2FLO By FLYT LAB:
  • Ceramic Herbal Device
  • Convection Heating
  • 2-Hour Use Time
  • Includes Flow Control Air Chamber
  • Includes Water Chamber
  • Includes Black Mouthpiece
  • Includes MiniUSB Cord
  • Includes FLYTLAB Power Plug
  • Includes FLYTLAB Grinder
  • Includes FLYTLAD Spare O-Rings & Tools
  • Includes H2FLO Manual
  • Includes FLYTLAB Sticker

PLEASE NOTE: All Kits on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY

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