Grenco Taylor Gang G Slim Vaporizer

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Grenco science recently partnered with rap superstar Wiz Khalifa, and blendists around the world will definitely be satisfied with the company's new product. Wiz Khalifa has always been an outspoken proponent of vaping and aromatherapy, and Grenco Science regularly produces groundbreaking vaporizers for their customers. However, the new Grenco Taylor Gang G Slim Vaporizer is an incredible device used for enjoying herb in a discrete and conservative way.

Wiz Khalifa and Grenco Science did a lot of research before creating their new vaporizer, and it seems that all of the hard work has paid off. The Grenco Taylor Gang G Slim Vaporizer is affordable, and it packs a serious punch. The Taylor Gang Vaporizer is made from an incredibly lightweight material. This vaporizer is painted black and yellow, and fans of Wiz Khalifa know that the artwork was inspired by the rap star's hit single 'Black and Yellow.'

The Taylor Gang G Slim Vaporizer is made for use with concentrates, and it comes with a slim tool for cleaning the tank. blendists around the world are raving about the Taylor Gang G Slim, and it's not hard to see why. The low price provides an incredibly high value that cannot be beat. Wiz Khalifa and Grenco Science have definitely created a great product.
Grenco Science has created amazing products in the past, and the company has been praised by fans for years. Rap superstars Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa have put their trust in Grenco products. The G Pro and Taylor Gang G Slim are among the highest rated vaporizers on the market. Grenco Science aims to satisfy their customers, and that's why the company offers a one-year warranty and reason why VapesRush offers this products to its valued customers.

The Package includes:

1 G Slim Battery
1 G Slim Tank
1 G Slim Tool
1 G Slim Wireless USB Charger

*Please note - All vaporizers on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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