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The portable and handy The Alfa Goboof is a European product designed for aromatherpay use on your journey wherever you go. Small, sleek and easy to use, the Alfa features the incredible smart puff technology, adding to the efficiency of your Kit. A smart rotary dial on the top allows you to choose between five different functions - three temperature and two automatic settings. The “Autopuff (AP) Mode” increases temperature gradually with every puff, up to a maximum of 428F. The “Auto Time (AT) Mode” starts on the low setting of the AP mode, but here the temperature rises in 3-minute intervals up to maximum temperature. This is an unequalled and modern feature that Alfa incorporates into their Kit. Just turn it to the setting you desire, within 30 seconds the blinking green light will turn solid and it’s all set to go.

The Gaboof afla for sale oven design is unique, allowing for your material to heat evenly and gives real satisfaction with a rich amount of vapor. This amazing Kit creates an ideal balance between quality and taste of vapor. The lower temperature setting produces above average taste. Keep in mind that this vape is exclusively made to be used with herbal blends and can not be used with waxes or oils.

It is very efficient and effective in its usage. The automatic shut-off function detects when you are not using the Goboof Alfa Kit, and shuts down after 15 minutes, saving your battery life. Excellent! The battery life is among the best on the market, allowing you to be on the go for quite a while without the need of recharging. Any residue that might build up through usage will hardly affect its performance, giving you the benefit of a long usage time between cleanings. However it is only common practice to clean the device every now and then to keep it clean and looking shiny for when you need it. Besides who wouldn't want to keep this sleek vape looking clean and shiny all the time?

The Alfa Goboof Pacakge comes with:

- USB AC charger
- Cleaning sticks
- Pipe cleaners for cleaning the oven chamber
- Three oven screens
- Two mouth pieces
- Instruction manual and goboof alfa warranty details
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Please Note: All Kits in our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.





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