Dr. Dabber Light Kit Vaporizer

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Aromatherapy and Kits have become increasingly popular in recent years and is now officially a multibillion dollar industry. To 'vape' connoisseurs, this comes as no surprise as the practicality and ease of use of Kits is unmatched compared to all other competitors, since they need no light and leave little smell. Dr. Dabber Light Kit is one that is famous for being a discret and extremely portable. It can burn the herb without touching any of the toxins.

This newfound popularity has in turn brought about a revolution in the number and varieties of Kits with everyone seeking out the best way to pop out the tastiest flavors while leaving the magic of the hit alive and kicking. Now, the Dr. Dabber Light be the one Kit pen that stands the tallest in having reached that goal.

The Dr. Dabber Light for sale is the most compact variant of the popular Dr. Dabber Ghost. Those who have partook in the Ghost can expect the equivalent low-heat Titanium Technology that has won awards for its burn, but in a smaller package that is more portable and more practical. The Dr. Dabber Light Kit Pen is able to ride with you wherever you want to go with its stealthy and slim design, but doesn't compromise on the cutting edge components that have made Dr. Dabber the leader in its field. As always, Dr. Dabber has emphasized low profile with high class.

Fortunately, you can have the Dr. Dabber Light Kit at a fraction of the price you would have bought any where else. This Kit will not dissapoint you as you will get a highend device that will last for a long time to come.

The Dr. Dabber Light Kit includes:

1 x Dr. Dabber Light Kit Pen ( comes with Dr. Dabber Light battery)
1 x Dr. Dabber Light Atomizer and Mouthpiece
1 x Shatterproof Storage Ball
1 x Wireless USB Charger
1 x Dr. dabber light instructions and manual

* All Kits on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.
Pro Tip: It is a good idea to clean your device after use to keep your vape in a good shape and have it working for as long as possible. We recommend cleaning it after each use and if not minimum once a week to get the best out of your dr dabber vape. Please let us know if you have any other questions. We are available Monday to Friday from 9-5 CST, either via chat or phone.

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