Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit Vaporizer

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If you have been searching for a high quality Kit for your aromatherapy needs, or struggling with cheap aromatherapy devices that get clogged or break, then look no further than the Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit Kit. If you are new to using a Kit, this kit comes with everything you might need to begin using your Kit successfully. Even if you have been using a Kit for many years, you will be sure to find this to be your new favorite product.

The Dr. Dabber Ghost for sale utilizes a unique Titanium Technology to heat up your favorite oils and waxes gradually and evenly to the ideal temperature. This technology provides you maximum enjoyment of your Kit by increasing the quality of the taste of your oils and waxes and eliminating the burned, electric taste that is often associated with other Kits that heat instantly. You will be able to taste the flavor your chose, and not any bitter aftertaste. The Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit top pen has a sleek looking black design and blue light that you will find appropriate to use in all settings. You can also find some of the most common Dr. Dabber Ghost accessories on our site.

Online reviews consistently rate this kit as high quality, affordable and a very satisfactory product. With this cool Kit, you will be the envy of your friends and they will never know how affordable the kit actually was, unless you choose to tell them. You will not be dessapointed with your purchase.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit Contents:

1 Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen
1 Extra Replacement Titanium Ghost Atomizer
1 Shatterproof Silicone Storage Ball
1 USB Charger

* We offer Free Shipping and No Tax on this product in the 48 United States for a limited time only.

* Please remember that all Kits on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY. We look forward to servicing your Kit needs and wants with this unique and affordable kit.


Pro tip: it is good practice to clean you Kit after use. We recommend cleaning you device right after use or at least have it cleaned once a week to prolong the life of you Kit and get the same amazing draw you had from it the first time you used it. You can always contact us with any questions from Monday-Friday from 9-5 CST time either via chat or phone and we'll be glad to help you as best we can.


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