CVault Storage Container

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The CVault Storage Container is the perfect storage container for aromatherapy blends or any other dry material that needs to be stored. blends like other fragrant substances will lose potency if not kept properly. An airtight storage container will keep the dry blends from losing the flavor and it will stay fresh for much longer. Other storage containers are not as high quality as the CVault Storage Container. CVault Storage Containers come in several different sizes so not matter wither it is a little dry blends, a lot of dry blends or something else; these container will work. These containers could be used for any number of things that need to be stored.

The storage container is made of food grade stainless steel. That means that metal flakes will not get into the dry belnds. It also means that the container can be washed and will not add any weird tastes to what is being stored. It seals completely and remains airtight. A silicone seal continuously keeps the lid from becoming uncapped. Once sealed the container locks to make sure that is does not pop open. Another particularly awesome feature is the way these containers can be labeled. A non-permanent marker can be used to mark whatever is in the container. The marker can then be wiped off and another item can be labeled. Remember to not use a permanent marker on the container as it will never come off. For a true seal that will keep your dry blends or any other dry good fresh for a long time, the CVault Storage Container is the perfect solution.

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Interior Diameter: 3.25" or 8 CM
Depth / Height : 1.75" or 4.4 CM
Capacity: 7 to 12 grams


Interior Diameter: 4.00" or 10 CM
Depth / Height: 2.25" or 5.6 CM
Capacity: 14 to 24 grams


Interior Diameter: 4.75" or 12 CM
Depth / Height: 2.50" or 6.5 CM
Capacity: 28 to 50 grams


Interior Diameter: 6.50" or 16 CM
Depth / Height: 3.50" or 9.0 CM
Capacity: 3 to 3.5 oz.


Interior Diameter: 8.9" or 20.0 CM
Depth / Height: 4.75" or 12.0 CM
Capacity: 5 to 6 oz.


Interior Diameter: 9.0" or 23 CM
Depth / Height: 5.5" or 14 CM
Capacity: 1/2 lb

Mega Large

Interior Diameter: 12.0" or 31.0 CM
Depth / Height: 9.5" or 24.5 CM
Total Volume: 17 liters or 4.4 gallons
Capacity: 2 lbs.

PLEASE NOTE: This vaporizer is for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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