Boundless CFC Vaporizer

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The Boundless CFC is the newest model from the Boundless brand, and it includes all the most advanced features you'd expect from the youngest member of the series. This device is known for its ability to generate vapor with astonishing taste and clarity, and it has excellent battery life that will last for up to 15 vaping sessions with a single full charge. The CFC uses a dense ceramic heating chamber to produce even vapor from the loaded dry herbs, and the ceramic material only takes about 20 seconds to reach optimal vaping temperature.

The controls for the CFC are highly intuitive. It uses fully digital controls that allow the user to select temperatures in the range between 60 degrees Celsius and 230 degrees Celsius. To use the device, simply remove the mouthpiece from the top of the device and fill the heating chamber with your prepared dry herbs. Make sure the chamber is packed tightly to help with the evenness of the vaping. Once the chamber is adequately packed, replace the mouthpiece and turn on the device by pressing the power button three time in quick succession. The dedicated temperature buttons can be used to set the vaping temp, and you'll know the temperature has been reached when the Boundless wave icon illuminates on the device.

Be sure to clean the device properly after each use, especially the loading chamber. The included cleaning brush makes it easy to keep the chamber in optimal condition, which will make the device last as long as possible. Don't forget to turn off the device to save battery life, but there's an auto-off function if it slips your mind.

Features and Accessories included with the Boundless CFC:

  • Totally Isolated Airflow
  • Ceramic Loading Chamber
  • Quick Heat-Up
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Internal 2200mAh Battery
  • MicroUSB Charge Port
  • Auto Shut-Off Feature
  • Includes (1) Boundless CFC Vaporizer
  • Includes (1) USB Charger
  • Includes (1) Cleaning Brush
  • Includes (1) User Manual
  • Includes 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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