Atmos Tyga x Shine Kiln RA Gold Edition Kit

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The Atmos Tyga x Shine Kiln RA Gold Edition Kit came about as a group effort between two of the most successful brands in the vaporizer market. The Kiln RA is an expansion of the original Kiln device since it incorporates rebuildable atomizers. While rebuildable atomizers are nothing new in the e-liquid industry, the Kiln RA is one of the first devices designed for concentrates that features rebuildable atomizers.

The Kiln RA features a ceramic heating chamber with substantial room for a large volume of concentrate material. A larger capacity is one of the most requested features for new devices, and the Kiln RA is far ahead of the curve. The dual-post system makes it quick and easy to remove the old ceramic coils and install the new ones.

To match the impressive nature of the device, it has been finished with a golden paint that won't chip or dull over time. The lithium-ion battery in the handle is recharged by the included MicroUSB cord, and the kit comes with several replacement screws and rubber bands as well.

Features and accessories included with the Atmos Tyga x Shine Kiln RA Kit:
  • Rebuildable Atomizers
  • Compatible w/ Concentrates
  • Deep Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Dual-Post System
  • 950mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Shortage Protection
  • Includes (1) Ceramic Housing
  • Includes (1) Ceramic Disc Atomizer
  • Includes (1) Ceramic Mouthpiece
  • Includes (1) Connector Base
  • Includes (1) Lithium-Ion Battery Base
  • Includes (1) Golden Allen Wrench
  • Includes (1) Golden Packing Tool
  • Includes (1) User Manual
  • Includes (2) Replacement Screws
  • Includes (2) Replacement Rubber Bands
  • Includes (1) MicroUSB Charger
  • Includes 5-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

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