Atmos Boss

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The amazing Atmos Boss Kitis one of the very first Pen Style aromatherapy atmos Kitdesigned to bring you the ultimate experience of a Kitdeveloped for aromatherapy. This stainless steel chamber makes it easier to use without having to combust at higher temperatures like other Kiton the market do. It is built with a higher grade stainless steel chamber evenly heating up aromatic blends for a much more sophisticated vapor. You can simply use one button to operate it easily whenever and wherever you are with no hassle.

Using the Atmos Boss Kitfor sale is as easy as charging its lithium-ion battery first. After done that just add your desired amounts of aromatic blend. To use the device simply press the power button 3 times on a row to fire up the heating chamber. Give it 40-45 seconds until the indicator blue light turns on and feel free to draw from it slowly as you wish. One of the neat things about the Atmos Boss is that it keeps heating up for 50 seconds and then it automatically turns off on its own saving you more battery.

Maintenance of the device is rather best done regularly to enure it functions correctly at all times. You can gently clean the heating chamber with a brush to get to its walls. It's best to charge its battery fully before using the device. This way you will maximize its life and performance. You can also clean the rubber mouthpiece with a cotton swab and then wipe it off with a wet paper towel to clean any remaining residue.

The atmos boss Kitparts and Kit Contain:

Chamber Connector
Rubber Mouthpiece
Ceramic Filter
Heting Chamber
Mesh Filter
Lithium-ion battery
A Cordless USB Charger
The Wall adapter
Loading Tool
A Cleaning Brush and User Manual



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