Arizer Solo Glass Mouthpiece

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The Arizer Solo Vaporizer is one of the best portable vaporizers on the market for aromatherpay. It is small and can be carried anywhere. The Arizer Solo Vaporizer has a glass and stainless steel vapor deliver system that ensures a vapor with no unwanted added taste. Because this vaporizer offers a pure vapor, there is no reason to defile that vapor by using plastic or another subpar material for a mouthpiece. The Arizer Solo Glass Mouthpiece is the best solution. Glass does not have an extra taste and therefore will not add a chemical flavor to the vapor. For any vapor delivery system glass is the best way to go.

Most portable vaporizers have a built in plastic mouthpiece. Even if the vaporizer uses glass pathways, the mouthpiece will taint the flavor of the vapor. Plastics and metals release chemicals and flakes into the vapor which can both change the taste and can be harmful to the person who is vaporizing. It seems like a waste to buy a quality vaporizer and then ruin the vaporizing experience with a bad mouthpiece.

However the Arizer Solo Vaporizer adds the option of getting a glass mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is small and portable. It is easy to clean with either a small brush, rubbing alcohol or soap and water. When using the glass mouthpiece, a case is highly recommended. For those who want a more pure vaporizing experience when using a portable vaporizer the Arizer Solo Glass Mouthpiece is the best way to get that unpolluted experience.

PLEASE NOTE: This vaporizer is for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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