Arizer Air

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The new Arizer Air Kit is here to compliment your aromatherapy needs. From the makers of one of the most critically-acclaimed and bestselling vapes on the planet, the Arizer Solo, comes another portable vape that is ultra-portable and sleek.

It would be a good place to start by saying that the Air is like the luxury model of the Arizer Solo. Some of the Solo's idiosyncrasies, like having to heat up the device to let the stem warp itself to fit in the heating device for the first few times, are also present in the Air model. The stems for the Arizer Air Kit also fit in the Solo and vice versa.
Some other features of the Air model are automatic shutdown, similar temp settings as the Solo and a color-coded LED heating system so it is actually easier to see where your heat settings are. On the Solo model, it could sometimes be a small nuisance to count how many lights are lit. Heating up the device, you will notice that it doesn't get too warm. You can hold it without feeling much discomfort, but it comes with a silicon sleeve just in case. The typical battery life is about one hour of usage or about five twelve-minute sessions from a full charge.

As far as design, it is much sleeker than any other of its competitors, sporting a thin body and a matted gray color. There are also grills on the tip of the device that give it a unique design. It is very well priced for the long term quality it offers. Considering all of this, the Air is defenitely a good choice if you want a device that is easier on the eyes than your average cheap Kit. The quality of this vape remains top notch. And here at VapesRush we are always ready to help you if you need anything regarding your purchase. You will not be dissapointed!

The Arizer Air features and Accessories:

-The heating device
-Two small glass stems and one potpourri stem
-Dried flowers
-Poker tool for packing
-Instruction manual
-Silicon sleeve
Preset Temperatures for The Arizer Air: (You can expect the Air to heat up in one to two minutes)
- The Level 1 (Blue) - 180°C / 356°F
- The Level 2 (White) - 190°C / 374°F
- The Level 3 (Green) - 200°C / 392°F
- The Level 4 (Orange) - 205°C / 401°F
- The Level 5 (Red) - 210°C / 410°
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PLEASE NOTE: All Kits on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.

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