AEROSPACED Acrylic 3 Piece Grinder / Storage Case

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The AEROSPACED Acrylic 3 Piece Grinder/Storage Case is a great grinder with an added storage compartment. It is made of acrylic so it is a little lighter for transporting. It is also a little thinner and therefore easier to store in one’s pocket or purse. This grinder is a strong acrylic that won’t break anytime soon and will make your aromatherapy practices mor joyful.

It also will not leave flakes of metal in the herb as there is no metal on this grinder. Another awesome thing about this grinder is that because it is acrylic, it is easier for it to have bright colors. This grinder comes in orange, blue, red, purple, yellow, light blue, green and black. There is a color for every person.

The AEROSPACED Acrylic 3 Piece Grinder/Storage Case is an excellent grinder but some do not agree that they need a grinder at all and feel that straight clumps of the herb will vaporize better. Grinders are important because they make the herb able to be spread more evenly throughout the heating chamber. This means that all sides of the herb are used and none of it gets lost in the clumps. Heating all sides of the herb make more of the flavor come out in the vapors.

No use buying good flavors if they are not able to be tasted. Also, grinders keep some of the herb from falling on the floor when it is broken up and put into the heating chamber. Wasted blends are a terrible thing. Everyone who vaporizes should have a grinder and it might as well have fun colors.

PLEASE NOTE: All vaporizers on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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