Which Vaporizer is Best for You

When choosing a vaporizer, there are many options.  Many people do not know where to begin; and therefore, do not buy one at all.  This will help with the decision process and narrow down some of the brands. 

How much does it cost?

Everyone has a budget.  Vaporizers can range from under $100 to over $500.  That is a big difference.  Often the ones that are more expensive are expensive for a reason; because they are top quality.  However, for someone who is a casual user having a top notch vaporizer may not matter as much as someone who uses the vaporizer all of the time. 

How proficient is the vaporizer?

Some vaporizers may be more efficient and produce stronger vapors than others.  Some users of vaporizers want a stronger vapor than others.  Certain vaporizers tend to use up more of the product than other vaporizers cutting the cost of buying material.  The best way to determine which vaporizers are more efficient is to do research and read reviews.  Hearing what other people have to say about a potential purchase can go a long way in deciding which one is best. 

How dependable is the vaporizer?

Some vaporizers are more dependable than others.  Some tend to not always deliver the strongest vapor at once and others have automatic shut off features which can be both helpful and annoying.  The best way to know which ones are more reliable is to read reviews.  Always look up reviews from varied sources to more accurately determine which vaporizers work best. 

Does the vaporizer have a warranty?

Most vaporizer come with some kind of warranty.  However, the kinds of warranties vary.  Most come with an average of a 3 year warranty that only applies if the vaporizer is defective.  Some companies offer lifetime warranties and even cover clumsiness.  Sometimes a better warranty is worth the extra money.  Please note that the warranties that cover accidents will become void if the vaporizer seems to be purposely broken for the purpose of getting it replaced.

How long until the vaporizer is ready?

All vaporizers have a warm up time.  That time can vary from a few moments to 15-30 minutes.  A vaporizer that takes a long time to warm up may be a great vaporizer otherwise.  Just make sure that the wait is worth it.  Reversely, make sure that a vaporizer that heats up quickly creates quality vapor once it is heated. 

How difficult is the vaporizer to use?

For those who are experienced with vaporizing, a more complicated vaporizer may not be a problem.  However, someone who is a beginner may not want to try and navigate a complicated device.  Even people who have used vaporizers for years might prefer a simpler vaporizer.  Do not sacrifice quality for simplicity.  The best way to determine simplicity of use is to read reviews from other customers. 

Wither one is looking to get his or her first vaporizer or is looking to replace another one, doing a little research to pick the best one for that individual is recommended.