What is a Vaporizer

A vaporizer is a device that heats plant matter or liquids to a lower temperature than fire to produce a vapor. The vapor does not produces tar. One of the best things about a vaporizer is that it completely lets you take charge and even do your aromatherapy anywhere and anytime.  Therefore, vaporizers can be used indoors and around children.  Users of aromatherapy and other herb products often use portable vaporizers when they are unable to go outside or all of the time to completely enjoy aromatherapy on whole new level.  Many vaporizers do not release an odor at all so the substance being vaporized is nearly undetectable.  Vaporizers also burn more of the product so that it lasts longer.    

Vaporizers are electronic and come various sizes.  Most commonly they are either portable or table top vaporizers.  Table top vaporizers plug into the wall as their electric source and portable vaporizers have a rechargeable battery.  Within the categories of table top or portable, there are many different options.  

Table top vaporizers typically look like blenders or other household appliances.  Table top vaporizer usually use a bag or whip system to deliver the vapor.  They are also great for sharing with a group.  Vaporizers that use the bag system can fill a bag with the vapor and the bag can be passed around.  The vaporizers that use the bag system produce the vapor with a fan and are called forced air vaporizers.  Many vaporizers can do both whip style delivery or a forced air delivery.  Because they plug into the wall, there is no need to stop and recharge the vaporizer.  They also usually release a stronger vapor.

Portable vaporizers often look like pens but sometimes take other forms such as looking like an asthma inhaler or walkie talkie.  They are made to be more discreet and able to be used anywhere.  Most portable vaporizers have a battery that lasts for about 2 hours of continued use.  While these vaporizers must be recharged, often they can be used while they are charging.  Most portable vaporizers come with car chargers and can be charged or used in the car.  (Do not use herbs that alter the mind while driving.)

Vaporizers began to show up mostly in the 1990’s.  Throughout the 2000’s they have been developed and made better.  E-cigarettes became popular a few years ago and their use has grown substantially.  In the past, vaporizers were specialty products and had to be purchased specifically at brick and mortar shops.  Now many major online stores carry vaporizer and refill liquid.

Anyone looking to continue the use of vaporizer or other kinds of dry herb or herbal oil blends without the harmful health risks to themselves and others, should consider aromatherapy with vaporizers.  Not only are they healthier but they are able to be used almost anywhere and often the vapor tastes really good allowing the product to be better enjoyed.