The Difference Between Portable and Desktop Vaporizers

With all of the varied factors in choosing a vaporizer, the most important factor and easiest decision to make is wither to get a portable or a table top vaporizer.  Each of these vaporizers serves a different purpose and works in different ways. 

Table top vaporizers:

Table top vaporizers are stationary.  They must be plugged into a wall or another electrical outlet.  The process of using a portable electrical outlet to make a table top vaporizer portable would be incredibly arduous.  Even though they are not portable, table top vaporizers can be used continuously as their power source is stable.  Table top vaporizers are often shaped like a blender or another household appliance.  Therefore, they can be left out and still be discreet.    

Table top vaporizers tend to have a stronger vapor and are usually higher quality simply because they have a stronger power source.  Table top vaporizers are also more versatile.  Because many of them are duel function, they can be used to either share with a group of people or use individually.  Ones that are able to be used in groups are usually forced air vaporizers and use a balloon system.  With the balloon system, a bag is filled with vapor and can be passed around the room.  More often table top vaporizers come with the ability to use either dry product or liquid blends.  Also, table top vaporizers often can be used as scented oil diffusers when not being used to vaporize product. 

Portable vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are best when on the go.  These little vaporizers tend to fit into the hand for easy use.  They come in a variety of looks.  Some portable vaporizers look like pens, walkie talkies, cell phones or other everyday items that are not related to vaporizing.  They are also portable because their power source is a battery.  The batteries tend to last for about 2 hours.  Most portable vaporizers come with a car charger to add even more to their mobility.  Some portable vaporizers can be used while charging.  (Never use a mind altering substance while driving).  This allows the user of the vaporizer to use aromatherapy in the car without harming the lungs of other passengers.

Although many portable vaporizers can only use either liquid or dry herb, some can use both.  Portable vaporizers are great for people who want to use aromatherapy at work without worrying about having to go outside.  They can fit into pockets and purses without being bulky.  The portable vaporizers often are easier to load since they are designed to be used while traveling. Portable vaporizers also tend to be less expensive and therefore are a great option for anyone on a tight budget. 


The table top vaporizer is really best for people who want to vaporize at home or be able to bring their vaporizers to share at a party.  Portable vaporizers are best for people who are on the go or want to use their vaporizer in public places without bothering other people.