Atmos R2 Vaporizer

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Our devices are great tools to use for aromatherapy, it allows someone to enjoy aromatherapy the best way possible and as easy as never before. And so does The Atmos R2 Vaporizer, a newly engineered Kit which has a sleek and simple look to it. Many aromatherapy devices look obvious or look tacky which can make using them pretty obvious in public.

The Atmos R2 Ki tcomes in colors such as slack, stainless steel and gunmetal and looks exactly like a high quality pen. The end lights up to give a cool futuristic look when it is in use. It is small and light and can be carried in any purse or pocket with ease access. Anyone looking for a sleek and efficient portable Kits hould get the Atmos R2 Kit period.

Some aromatherapy devices take forever to heat up. However, the Atmos R2 kit uses an anodized heating system that heats up quickly and efficiently. The anodized heater also allows the Kit to be used for dry herb blends and wax products. The heating chamber holds more product than most chambers. This means that the Kit does not have to be frequently reloaded. It comes with the Atmos R2 ceramic filter and mesh filter that filters out any particles that could get into the vapor,thus providing a cleaner and fresher vaping experience.

The filters and vapor path are specially made to not add any unwanted taste to the vapor. The charger is a USB charger that allows the Kit to be charged almost anywhere including on your laptop or any portable charger with a USB plug. Also, the battery charges in only a few hours and once charged, the battery has a long lasting life. For a discreet and easy to use aromatherapy device, use the Atmos R2. It is also wise to clean the device periodically to keep it working and performing just like the first time you used it. We recommend cleaning it after using it each time but once a week will also do.

The Atmos R2 parts and package:

- 1 x Atmos R2
- 1 x Rubber Mouthpiece
- 1 x Chamber Connector
- 1 x Atmos r2 heating chamber
- 1 x USB Charger
- 1 x Wall Charger
- 1 x Loading Tool
- Atmos r2 instructions Manual

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PLEASE NOTE: All devices on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.



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