Formula 420 acrylic Plastic Cleaner

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Vaporizers are excellent for aromatherapy. A vaporizer brings the flavor of the herb or aromatherapy liquid out in the vapor without any tar. In addition to aromatherapy being healthy, vaporizers make the product last longer and save money. They tend to make the product last longer because they heat herb rather than burn it up. Unfortunately, even the clean vapor that goes through a vaporizer can build up a residue in the vapor path.

Luckily there are cleaners available to clear the residue from the vaporizer. Formula 420 Acrylic Plastic Cleaner is a nontoxic and all natural cleaning solution. Additionally, it does not harm the environment. This is a great cleaner for those who are environmentally conscious and want a safe and effective way to clean their vaporizer.

Some cleaners can be toxic and hurt the environment. A device that involves inhaling product that travels through it, should not be cleaned with a cleaner that is poisonous. Cleaners that are not nontoxic pollute the rivers and streams. When natural water sources are poisoned, the toxins get into the soil and can harm plants.

Additionally, animals can be harmed by toxic cleaners. When poison get into the earth, animals can consume them and become ill. Formula 420 Acrylic Plastic Cleaner is made with all natural ingredients that will not hurt any animals, people or plant life. Having a clean vaporizer is important for enjoying pure vapor. Using a nontoxic cleaner will keep chemicals from entering the body.

PLEASE NOTE: All vaporizers on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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