DaVinci Car Charger

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DaVinci makes 2 kinds of vaporizers. The first is the Ascent and the other is the Davinci Vape. Both of these are high quality aromatherapy vaporizers and both of them are discreet and portable for your day to day aromatherapy needs. The DaVinci Car Charger is meant to work with either of the DaVinci vaporizers. Because the DaVinci vaporizers are portable, a car charger is an awesome thing to have. The car charger looks like any other car charger so does not need to be hidden if it is not in use. Just don’t try plugging a phone into it. This charger is an invaluable companion to a DaVinci product.

The blessings of having a portable charger are that they can be brought anywhere and they are light to carry. They are also wonderful for car trips. The only downside to these portable vaporizers is that the battery does eventually run out. Luckily, the DaVinci Car Charger is available to keep the battery going. Another great benefit is that both of the DaVinci vaporizers can be used with they are charging. Therefore, during a long road trip, one can vaporize dry blends and other non-mind altering blends and oils. The charger is 9v and therefore works perfectly for charging a vaporizer without sending it too much power. That way the batteries will not short out. This car charger is a perfect accessory for long car trips or even if one just wants a fully charged battery by the time he or she gets to the intended destination. Please use the capability of the vaporizer to be used while charging with caution while driving!

PLEASE NOTE: All vaporizers on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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