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One of the most fun ways to enjoy vaporizing aromatherapy is with a Vape Bag. Vape Bags are balloons that are deflated and made out of plastic. Vape Bags work with forced air vaporizers. The bag is hooked up to the aromatherpy deviceand vapors fill the balloon. The balloon inflates. The vapors can be seen through the clear plastic. The balloon can then either be enjoyed by one person or it can be passed around in a group.

This is great for either parties or chill gatherings of friends. Some vaporizers allow for more than one balloon to be filled at the same time. Those who want a group session or want to sit back and enjoy vaporizing without being hooked to the aromatherpy devicewill really like using a balloon.

Vape Bags is the best brand of the balloons. Vape Bags are made in the USA. They are made of clear plastic. Vape Bags are made of softer material than other balloons which makes the vaporizing experience quieter and makes the plastic less likely to tear. The ends of the bags are tapered which makes attaching them to the aromatherapy device easier.

The bags are also precut which saves time and keeps the bags from accidently being destroyed before they are even used. Vape Bags work with most vaporizers that have a balloon vaporizing system. One of the most unique, social and enjoyable ways to vaporize involves using a balloon. Vape Bag balloons will ensure an enjoyable session with balloon style vaporizing.

Product Features:

- 5 x Vape Bags in the box
- Size: 11 inch L x 22 inch W
- Fits Tightly with Tapered end
- Quieter Material Than Other competitors Bags
- compatiible with other Balloon Fill Vaporizers Including Volcano Solid Valve & Arizer Extreme Q


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