Space Case 4 Piece Grinders/Sifters

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Although some people argue that a grinder is unneeded or even diminishes the quality of the herb, grinders are important tools for aromatherapy. The Space Case 4 Piece is a grinder that will change the minds of doubters. This grinder does not have flashy colors like some grinders and only comes in titanium (also known as black) and silver. This grinder has a no-nonsense look that will suit those who want quality and not flashy looks.

Grinders make the herb have more flavor all around and also saves every dust particle of the herb. A ground herb is able to cover more surface in the heating chamber of a vaporizer. Grinding the herb will make it last longer. The Space Case 4 Piece grinder makes the grinding process easier and safer. The grinder is made of aluminum reducing the risk of the metal flaking into the herb. This grinder turns smoothly and with little effort.

The reason for its extra smoothness is because the grinder is made from a single portion of aluminum. The machinery makes a seemed edge which is invisible in the metal. Because the grinder is made from one piece of metal, the grinder turns with a gentle glide. This grinder is a 4 piece which means there are 3 levels to catch every particle of the herb that is being ground. The bottom level is where the fine dust is collected. The grinder can also double as storage. To get the job done right and without needless flashiness, this grinder is perfect.

PLEASE NOTE: All vaporizers on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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