The DaVinci Original

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The Da Vinci Kit is a sleek and innovative Kit made for aromatherapy. This popular device looks like a walkie talky and comes in various colors that a walkie talky might be colored.

The davinci Kit ascent has an appearance akin to an old style flip phone and can come in a variety of color designs. Unlike most Kit s, the Ascent has a variety of print designs available. Both of these Kit s are highly portable and fit perfectly into pockets and purses. Anyone looking for a discreet and easily carried high quality portable Kit should get one of the Da Vinci Kit s.

Da Vinci, being one of the best portable Kit in the market, uses an all glass vapor delivery system. Glass is the best way to ensure that no taste gets added to the product. The whole Kit uses a glass on glass system to keep any vapors from picking up a bad taste. Even the mouth piece is made of glass. The mouth piece is removable which helps with cleaning and transporting when not in use. The best davinci Kit temperature is around 380 degrees F as per our experience.

This Kit vaporizes liquid and oil blends and botanicals. The battery is high powered and lasts for 3 hours or more. The Kit does not release any odor and comes with an odor resistant case. It is easy to clean and keep in excellent condition. Da Vinci Kit s are truly top of the line in the realm of portable Kit s.

The Davinci Kit Pacakge Includes

- 1 x Cleaning Brush
- 1 x 110v-240v Wall Charger
- 3 x Large Replacement Screens
- 6 x Small Replacement Screens
- 2 x Oil Cans
- 1 x Manual

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PLEASE NOTE: All Kits on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.



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