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The Silver Surfer Kit (SSV) is a truly customizable Kit made for aromatherapy. The makers of the SSV have several premade designs or the consumer can upload their own image to get a fully personalized Kit . Not only is the heating device able to be customized, most of the glass parts are unique and hand blown. The mouth piece looks similar to a normal glass pipe. There is even an option to customize a glass mouth piece to a specified color and shape. There is no need to sacrifice the feeling of having an artistic glass pipe to be able to use the healthier option of vaporizing. The SSV can even be engraved with a tailored message.

The SSV is not just a pretty bauble. It also offers flexibility and durability. The SSV’s heating component is completely made of ceramic. The SSV heats to its top temperature in about 3 to 5 minutes. To control how hot the inhaled vapor is, draw breath in faster to make it hotter and slower to keep it cooler. Cleaning and using the SSV is simple and how it is used can be adjusted to the individual.

Additionally, the Kit easily converts into an oil diffuser and comes with the components to use it as such. Every SSV comes with a 3 year warranty. However, for an extra fee, a 10 year or even a lifetime warranty can be purchased. For those who want to add a personal touch to their vaporizing experience, the SSV is one of the best options available.

PLEASE NOTE: All Kits on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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