Secret Vape Magic-Flight Launch Box Case

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The Secret Vape Magic-Flight Launch Box Case looks like a journal but it is not made to hold one’s deep dark secrets. However, it is made to hold a Magic-Flight Launch Box Vaporizer used for aromatherapy. The fact that this case looks like a book is what makes it so unique. Most cases made for vaporizers look like tool boxes, camera bags or makeup cases. Nobody will think to look in a book for a vaporizer. This case can slide right into a bookshelf and never get a second glance. For those who need a truly stealthy way to store a Magic-Flight Launch Box Vaporizer, this is the case to get.

Not only is this case decorative and discreet, it is also a great way to protect the Magic-Flight Launch Box vaporizer. As a vaporizer with a wooden exterior, the Launch Box is prone to molding if not used for a while. This case will keep the Launch Box from molding or mildewing. The case is also resistant to impact. It is easy to drop vaporizers when getting them out of a hidden spot. If the vaporizer is stored in a case, it will keep it from being broken due to falling.

Another way that the case helps keep the vaporizer discreet is by the way it keeps any scent from the herb from escaping. Vaporizers can be objects that attract scrutiny. However, with this clever and stealthy case, nobody will be able to complain. After all, everyone needs a journal in which to confide.

PLEASE NOTE: All vaporizers on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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