Magic-Flight Launch Box Nano Grinder

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This grinder lives up to its name. It is called a nano grinder for a reason. The Magic-Flight Lunch Box Nano Grinder is tiny. Sometimes small is a good thing! This magic flight launch box sale will fit into any small space including pockets, purses and the carrying cases meant for the Magic-Flight Lunch Box Vaporizer. The oh-so portable Magic-Flight Lunch Box Vaporizer is in fact the vaporizer for which this bitty grinder was made. The grinder has the famous Magic-Flight Lunch Box symbol on it and is a simple black color. For fans of the Magic-Flight Lunch Box Vaporizer, this is a perfect grinder.

Grinders are must-haves in the vaporizing and aromatherapy world. A grinder will make the herb easier to spread throughout the heating chamber of a vaporizer. This is important because when the herb covers more surface of the heating chamber, more of the herb can be used and more of its flavor will come out in the vapors during use. The Magic-Flight Lunch Box Nano Grinder is meant to be a second step grinder. What is meant by that is that the grinder is for making the already ground herb even more finely ground. Grinding the herb to the finer consistency will make more flavor release from all sides of the substance. The Magic-Flight Lunch Box Vaporizer is a small portable vaporizer and the smaller the herb is ground, the more the small vaporizer can utilize it. If grinding is important and makes the herb taste better than an even finer ground product will be more satisfying and more efficient.

PLEASE NOTE: All vaporizers on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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