Atmos RX Vaporizer

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The Atmos RX Vaporizer is amongst the best vaporizers on the market. It is a pen kit for aromatherapy practices that actually looks and feels like a fancy pen or even a sonic screwdriver. This kit comes in blue, black, green, silver, purple, white, red or pink. With so many colors, the Atmos RX kit can fit anyone’s personality. Most of the colors have a futuristic metallic finish. The slender design fits gracefully into one’s fingers. The Atmos RX kit has no problem fitting into someone’s pocket or purse. The look of this kit is so discreet and the size is so perfect for transporting that anyone who wants a portable kit will want to get the Atmos RX kit in their hands.

Despite its portability and style the Atmos RX kit packs an exceptional vapor. The Atmos RX kit is a dry herb or waxy vaporizer. It is wind resistant. Therefore, one can vaporize while walking outside without the fear of a gust of wind ruining the experience. The heating system and one of the filters is ceramic which conducts heat perfectly.

The kit heats in seconds so there is no waiting for long periods of time while the kit gets ready. Cleaning the AtmosRX kit is an easy process. The kit comes with a small brush to clean inside and the mouth piece can be washed with a damp paper towel. The AtmosRX kit has a car adapter and charges quickly while driving in the car. This makes it a perfect on the go vaporizer. People who want a discreet travel kit will find it a top option.

Atmos RX Vaporizer review of Package content:

- Heating Chamber
- Mouthpiece
- Chamber Connector
- Battery
- Wall Adapter
- USB Charger
- Cleaning Brush Tool
- Loading Tool
- Bonus Glass Screen
- User Manual

PLEASE NOTE: All vaporizers on our store are for AROMATHERAPY usage ONLY.


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