Why Isn't My Vaporizer Getting Hot Enough?

The temperature at which you vape herb will play a key role in its overall effectiveness. We've talked about this before on the VapesRush.com blog, but it's worth mentioning again that the ideal range for vaping cannabis is between 350 to 385°F. If you go above 385 degrees, you run the risk of burning your bud, which negates all of the health benefits of vaping. If you go under 350 degrees, there won't be enough to heat to effectively extract the THC and other active ingredients from the herb.

But what if your vaporizer isn't heating up to 350 degrees? Unless it reaches this temp (at minimum), it's simply not going to work. Well, there are a couple of things you can try.

Locking Mechanism

Some vaporizers feature a built-in locking mechanism that prevents users from accidentally turning them on. This is especially true for portable vaporizers, as accidentally turning on a portable vaporizer when it's in your pocket or purse could burn you. Companies have begun to equip portable vaporizers with locking mechanisms that prevent such incidents from occurring. These locks are usually nothing more than a single button that must be pressed in order to activate the vaporizer. Check your vaporizer to see if it has a locking mechanism, and if so, if that mechanism is currently in the locked position.

Battery Power

Assuming you are using a portable vaporizer that runs on batteries -- rechargeable or otherwise -- make sure there's enough battery power to properly heat up the unit. If your vaporizer is running low on batteries, it may struggle to heat up to 350 degrees, at which point your herb will remain inert, failing to vape. I recommend carrying extra batteries in your vaporizer case for situations like this, because there's nothing worse than trying to vape only to discover that you are out of power.

Wall Adapter 

If your vaporizer is powered via a cable to an electrical outlet, inspect the cable to make sure it's not broken or damaged. If the outer shielding has worn away, some of the charge could be leaking through; thus, lowering the device's ability to heat up. Most vaporizers use basic USB-to-micro-USB-to-wall-outlet chargers, which cost just $5-$10 bucks. So in the event that your power cable is faulty, replacing it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.

Faulty Vaporizer

Although rare, there have been reports of vaporizers failing. This is usually the result of misuse or lack of maintenance. In any case, you can check with the manufacturer to see your device is still under warranty. Many companies will gladly send you a replacement in the event that your vaporizer malfunctions.

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