Why is My Vaporizer Making a Bubbling Sound?

Have you noticed a "bubbling" sound when using your vaporizer? When you use a vaporizer for the first few times, it should produce a clean, smooth vape, without any unusual noises. Over time, however, you may begin to notice a slight bubbling sound, indicating the presence of liquid somewhere in the device. So, what's causing this sound and how do you prevent it?

Should I Be Concerned?

Let me first start off by saying that a bubbling sound shouldn't cause any reason for immediate concern. While it's an issue that should be corrected, using a vaporizer that's making this sound isn't going to affect the quality of your vaping. You can continue to vape your herb or oil without fear of the bubbling liquid affecting the quality of your vaping.

What's Causing the Bubbling Sound?

There are a few different possibilities regarding what's causing the bubbling sound, one of which is liquid entering the atomizer. Most personal vaporizers, such as the ones shown in the image above, have a special compartment in which the e-liquid is placed. Known as the atomizer, this compartment also contains a heating element that's used to warm the liquid just enough to create a plume of breathable vapor. If you pull with too much force, however, you will suck up an excess amount of e-liquid into the atomizer, causing the distinct bubbling sound. 

The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to control your inhales. Rather than pulling as hard you can, learn to inhale slowly and with minimal force. Controlled pulls are the key to preventing the "bubbling" phenomenon.

Of course, another possible reason why your vaporizer is making a bubbling sound is because resin has built up inside of it. While there's no smoke created with vaporizers, they do produce resin. If not cleaned on a regular basis, this liquid resin will remain stuck inside the atomizer, creating the bubbling sound each time you pull. Try to get into the habit of cleaning your vaporizer at least once a week to remove any resin that's stuck inside the atomizer.

These are the two most common causes of the bubbling sound with vaporizers. In most cases, it's causes by the user either pulling too hard, or not cleaning the inside the of the vaporizer. Eliminating these two issues should resolve the bubbling sound, allowing you to fully enjoy your vaporizer and everything it has to offer.

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