Why a switch from cigarette to vaporizer is appreciable?

Finally, warnings like “smoking is injurious to health” and “smoking can cause cancer” have changed your mind. Decided to refrain from cigarettes? Switching to vaporizers is really great for health and well-being of you and people living around you including your lovely kids and other family members. So, congratulations. Throwing cigarette packet in a nearby trash and keeping a portable vaporizer in your pocket is actually appreciable because:

Portable Vaporizers

  • You have saved your health: Smoking or exposure to smoking is unsafe for every organ of your body. There is a long list of preventable diseases which are caused due to smoking. Sadly, it is the primary and in some cases secondary cause of more than 430,000 premature deaths every year in the United States. 40% of these deaths are because of cancer, 35% are because of stroke and heart disease and 25% because of lung diseases. It also makes some long-lasting chemical changes in your brain.
  • You have saved your family: In many studies it is found and in many clinical researches it is proven that risk of developing asthma in kids is pretty high if they are raised in smoke. You are actually subjecting them to the risk of colds, bronchitis, lungs and breathing problems, ear infection, headaches, nausea, eye irritation, and dizziness. Smoking near a pregnant lady or smoking when you are pregnant is a sin as it can increase the chances of sudden infant death syndrome. FDA or any other similar associations has not approved vaporizers for pregnant ladies. However, harmful effects of vaporizers are way less than those of cigarettes.
  • You have saved your looks: Young boys are often seen trying to earn some brownie points in front of girls by showcasing thick smoke, ghosting or double inhalations, French inhale or waterfall, smoking rings, and other smoking skills. However, smoking is one of the habits which can ruin your looks and personality. Have you notice bags under your eyes when you see your reflection in the mirror? Icky teeth, premature aging and wrinkles, yellow fingers, thinner hair, scarring, tooth loss, loss of natural glow, and flabby tummy are some of the ill effects of smoking. So, a vaporizer is a knight in shining armor for your looks.
  • You have saved your money: One pack of cigarette per day costs you $15,000 per decade. Portable vaporizers, on the other hand, are one-time investments which are free from all ill consequences of tobacco and other harmful chemicals used in cigarettes.

n a nutshell, looking for the best portable vaporizer would be a healthy and safe move as your alternative to cigarettes.  

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