What Is a Carcinogen? And How Do I Avoid Them?

You've probably heard of the term "carcinogen" before. In short, a carcinogen is any substance that’s believed to cause cancer (either in humans or animals). With over 7 million people worldwide dying from cancer each year, it’s important for us to reduce our exposure to carcinogens. Unfortunately, the process of burning any substance — whether it’s tobacco or cannabis — results in chemical changes where carcinogens are created. The good news is that you can drastically reduce or even eliminate them through certain methods.

#1 - Vaporizers

The single safest and most effective way to consume cannabis without fear of carcinogen exposure is through a vaporizer. These devices heat ground cannabis up just enough to release a light plum of vapor mist, allowing instant relief of your symptoms. Since there’s no combustion taking place with vaporizers, there are no carcinogens created. This alone is a huge benefit that’s encouraged many smokers to throw away their lighter and switch to a vaporizer. Users can enjoy pure, unadulterated

#2 - Portable Vaporizers

As their name suggests, portable vaporizers  are small and compact so you can bring your medicinal cannabis with you. And since they work in the same manner as a desktop vaporizer, you can rest assured knowing that you aren't consuming carcinogens with your cannabis vapor.

Due to their small size, portable vaporizers typically require a longer time to heat up than larger models. On the plus side, though, they are easier to transport and make perfect on-the-go devices for consuming herb.

#3 - Edibles

Of course, you shouldn’t overlook edibles a method of enjoying cannabis. Since there’s no fire used in edibles, there’s no combustion taking place. With that said, there are small trace amounts of carcinogens left behind. Edibles can range from traditional cookies and cakes to lollipops, gummy bears, and other sweet treats.

Some people assume that tossing an ounce of cannabis into a pan with butter and cooking it for an hour will create ganja butter. Nine out of ten times, however, this will result in low-grade butter with a minimal amount of THC and CBD. A better option is to use the cooking device in the link previously mentioned.

#4 - Carbon-Filtered Water Pipe

Carbon-filtered water pipes are a fourth method for consuming cannabis. Carbon filters are incredibly effective at filtering out impurities and carcinogens, allowing users to enjoy smooth, clean smoke with a minimal amount of carcinogens.

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