What Does 'E-Liquid' Contain?

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are used in conjunction with a special type of liquid known as "e-liquid." Based on the name alone, it's next-to-impossible to determine what exactly this liquid is made of.

So, what's inside e-liquid and is it really safe to inhale? While some brands may use different ingredients and production techniques, the vast majority of e-liquid sold on the market contains just a few basic ingredients: water, nicotine, flavorings (artificial and natural), and a base liquid such as vegetable glycerin.

With a typical e-liquid, you can expect it to contain around half a dozen different chemicals and ingredients, which of course is in stark contrast to tobacco cigarettes, which contain up to 4,000 different chemicals. Using a vaporizer, you can rest assured knowing that you are consuming just a few basic ingredients in the e-liquid.

Tips on Choosing E-Liquid:

  • Consider the nicotine level of the e-liquid. If you are trying to ween yourself off of nicotine, it's recommended that you start with a high-nicotine e-liquid and gradually work your way down to a lower variety.
  • Does the e-liquid product list its ingredients? Reputable, trustworthy brands will clearly display their ingredients on the label. If you do not see the ingredients present, you may want to skip the product and choose a different type of e-liquid.
  • E-liquids are available in a wide variety of flavors, ranging from standard tobacco and menthol to orange/citrus, cherry, cola and more. Can't seem to choose a flavor? Try a variety sample pack to test drive several at once.
  • Size is also consideration that needs to be made when choosing an e-liquid. In other words, how much e-liquid is inside the product? People who vape frequently will likely need to choose a large-size e-liquid; otherwise, you could be forced to reorder just a couple days later.
  • Where is the e-liquid made? You are essentially rolling the dice when ordering e-liquid that's manufactured overseas, as you don't what it contains. Opting for a made-in-America e-liquid is considered safer, which is why so many people prefer it.

Hopefully this will give you a better idea of what's inside e-liquid. Again, each and every e-liquid is different, so don't assume that all products will contain the aforementioned ingredients. If you want to know what's inside your e-liquid, look for an ingredient label.

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