Volcano Vaporizer – A Starter’s Guide

The German artistry is the foremost thing to be considered when opening up the Volcano. Made by Storz and Bickle, this Vaporizer is plainly fabricated well, accompanying a 3-year guarantee. Its spring of gushing lava formed stainless steel shell and clear show screen make it simple to utilize. The fundamental purpose behind the Digital Volcano over the Classic is programmed shutoff. The Easy Valve, in time, costs some more to utilize, yet the effortlessness of the Easy Valve makes it worth. Alongside the Volcano,

volcano vaporizer

Package Inclusions                                                         

  • Instruction manual x 1
  • Two-piece processor x 1
  • Replacement sir filters x 2

Inclusions of easy valve package

  • Easy Valve Filling Chamber x 1
  • Two foot Volcano Balloons x 5
  • Liquid Pad Set x 1
  • Extra Easy Valve Normal Screens x 6
  • Easy Valve Clips x 3
  • Volcano Cleaning brush x 1

Connect the Volcano and set the temperature to the prescribed 374°. The Digit has a temperature range between 40 – 230° C. Subsequent fill the chamber and set it on top of the fountain of liquid magma. Let it stay there for a couple of minutes to warm up. In spite of the fact that the advanced will read 374°, it takes somewhat more to warm up. This temperature makes a decent smooth vapor. At the point when topping off your pack, it is best to help it stand straight up.

The terrible will tend to make the Easy Valve Filling Chamber tumble off and you can lose Vapor. You can bring down the temperature in the event that you covet a more slender vapor or raise it to create a thicker vapor. To what extent you can genuinely vaporize a Volcano dish depends on the measure of the item you put in and your temperature. On the off chance that you are going to top off various Storz and Bickel Volcano sacks, it is recommended holding up a moment in the middle of fillings. Holding up a moment will guarantee your fountain of liquid magma is at the preset temperature.


  • Automatic Shutoff (following 30 minutes of no utilization)
  • TUV Certification (German Safety-Tested Product)
  • Digital Display (Easy to utilize +/ - Buttons for temperature control)
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • A bit expensive, however, once you utilize it, the cost will be vindicated
  • A bit high on maintenance, expensive spare parts

Cleaning Tips

Your Volcano will dependably work better with standard support. There will be a couple of things you have to keep clean on your Volcano Vaporizer:

  • Use brush frequently to clean the screens of the buildup.
  • Always unfilled the sacks totally subsequent to utilizing them. In the event that you give vapor a chance to sit for a really long time in a pack it can in some cases make the sack have an odd taste.
  • If you clean your mouthpieces, it will be best to utilize isopropyl liquor to sterilize them. Run the mouthpieces under some water and wipe dry after.
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