Volcano Vaporizer – A Detailed Guide Not To Be Overlooked

Volcano Vaporizer is one of the most prominent vaporizers available in the marketplace these days and if you have got one recently, you will definitely be going to have the ultimate vaping experience. It is a detailed guide that will surely get you acquainted with everything you need to be aware of using a Volcano Vaporizer carefully and efficiently.

Let us get started by choosing temperature settings and dry herbs.

It has been tested with only a few types of herbs and their advocated settings are as:

  • Thyme Herb: 374° F
  • Eucalyptus: 266° F
  • Sage Leaves: 374° F
  • Lavender Flowers: 266° F
  • Hops Cones: 309° F
  • Lemon Balm Leaves: 288° F
  • Chamomile Flowers: 374° F

Setting Up

Setting up the Volcano Vaporizer is really easy. Simply follow these:

  1. Plug in the vaporizer
  2. Press HEAT button and the yellow light will turn on
  3. Set the temperature as prescribed above (Use “+” or “–“ for digital model and knob for classic model)
  4. Let it rest for 5 minutes
  5. Once the yellow light is turned off, you are ready to vape

Volcano Vaporizer

Liquid Pad – How to Use?

Liquid Pad is one of the accessories of Volcano Vaporizer which is usually for aromatherapy. Its use is really simple.

  1. Take out the screen from the filling duct
  2. Place the pad onto it and turn upside down letting the pad face up
  3. Dole out around 10 drops of essential oil onto the pad with the help of medicine dropper
  4. Put the filling chamber onto the herbal vaporizer
  5. Push AIR button and let the vapor fill the air
  6. Once done, you are ready to go

What contributes to the vapor quality?

There are numerous factors that contribute significantly to the vapor quality such as:

  • Making use of pure herbs for optimal results
  • Temperature of heating element
  • Pulverize the herbs to the smallest size possible
  • Quantity of raw materials in the filling chamber
  • Overheating herbs will deteriorate the vapor quality

Necessary Safety Considerations

In order to evade untoward events or injuries, here are a few necessary safety considerations that should not be overlooked.

  • Do not plug in the vaporizer into irreconcilable outlet
  • Do not wrench on the cable
  • Always turn off the vaporizer when you are not around
  • Do not miss to approach your physician prior vaping Volcano Vaporizer
  • Opening its body may result in fatal electrical shocks
  • Do not vape in clammy or sultry environment
  • Do not bend, fold or roll the power cord
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