Versatile Vaping

The vaping industry has grown into something that a vaping enthusiast from 10 years ago wouldn't recognize, but all that innovation has been great for spurring progress and pushing the industry forward. One area that has seen massive expansion is the area of concentrates, which are thought to be the future of vaping. Concentrate materials are more potent in a smaller volume, so less is required to achieve that certain special feeling so many vape users are chasing. That means devices that use concentrates can be loaded with a smaller amount of material while providing the same vaping potential.

This is an excellent feature for those that don't want to carry around huge quantities of spare material for a dry herb vaporizer. What's more, concentrates can be enjoyed using a variety of vaporization methods, so the devices that use them are much more varied. Many of the most common wax concentrate devices are pen-style vaporizers that work much like electronic cigarettes. They use a battery and an element to produce heat that then vaporizers the material, but that isn't the only way to enjoy concentrate vapor. Most at-home dab rigs don't have a battery component, but instead the tip or bowl of the device must be heated using either a torch or some other outside heat source.

This is quite convenient because it allows the device to reach extremely high temperatures very quickly, but it isn't very helpful in public because most people frown upon using propane torches on the street. Portable dab rigs require a battery to heat up the internal element, but the two varieties of vaporizer work basically the same way. That fact is what allowed the Micro Vaped Honeybird Nectar Collector to be possible.

This device is revolutionary for one reason, and that is that it can be used with a battery or without one. It comes with a quartz tip, but it is compatible with titanium and ceramic tips as well. Users can either heat the tip with a torch or connect the battery to heat the element. The device also comes with a water filtration system that can easily boost the quality of the vapor produced by the unit, and it comes with a glass storage container for your concentrate with a silicone lid. The water filtration system is also spill-proof, making it ideal for use on the go. The versatility of this device may very well represent the future of vaping.

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