Vaporizer vs E-Cig: What's the Difference?

This is a question that many newcomers to the vaping scene ask. Both "vaporizers" and "e-cig" use precise heating elements to create vapor instead of smoke. Therefore, users can enjoy unadulterated herb or oil without exposing themselves to all of the harmful chemicals found in smoke. This begs the question, though: what's the difference between a vaporizer and e-cig?


E-cigs typically cost less than vaporizers. Vaporizers contain many different components, increasing the cost of manufacturing. As such, they come with a higher price tag than e-cigs. This doesn't necessarily mean that all vaporizers are expensive, but you can expect to may more for a vaporizer than an e-cig.


While there are always exceptions to this rule, e-cigs are typically used to vape liquid nicotine (known as e-liquid), whereas vaporizers are used to vape herb. E-liquid is poured into a special compartment where it's then heated to create a light plum of mist-like vapor. This vapor contains nicotine and a few other substances, although it doesn't contain the harmful chemicals that are commonly found in smoke.

Because they are intended to be used with herb, vaporizers typically do not have this liquid-filled compartment. Instead, they contain a special compartment in which herb is placed. This compartment is adjacent to the heating element, allowing the vaporizer to warm the herb; thus, producing vapor.


Another striking difference between vaporizers and e-cigs is their size. Vaporizers vary in size, ranging from the small, pocket-sized MagicFlight to the wildly popular (and big) Volacano. E-cigs, on the other hand, are almost always pocket-sized, as they are intended to be used on the go.


You can expect an e-cig to burn hotter than a vaporizer. This is due to the fact that liquid nicotine requires hotter temperatures to produce vapor. So even if an e-cig can technically be used to vape herb, it's not the recommended choice due to its temperature settings. If you're looking to vape herb, you stick with a vaporizer for this reason.

As you can see, there are several key differences between vaporizers and e-cigs. Think about when and how you'll be using the device and choose the one that's best suited for your particular needs.

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