Vaping Incognito

It's nearly impossible to go out in public without seeing someone using some sort of personal aromatherapy device like a vaporizer. These devices have reached staggering levels of prevalence in the relatively short time since they were first introduced on a portable scale, and a lot of their popularity is due to their customization potential and the vast number of options available. Users who were once smokers have been given numerous methods of moving away from harmful cigarettes in favor of these devices that offer a purer experience. Newer vaporizers also offer the ability to enjoy dried aromatic blends on the go, along with concentrates and e-liquids.

One of the main appeals of vaporizers over older methods of enjoying nicotine is that they can be used in many more locations. Since the devices don't produce smoke, it is not illegal to use them in places where smoking is illegal. Of course, private businesses like restaurants and entertainment venues have the ability to ban certain behaviors, and it is becoming more and more common for vaporizers to be a casualty of public opinion. People who don't smoke or vape tend to associate vaping with smoking, and certain devices that produce giant clouds of vapor can be a bit daunting to those who are accustomed to avoiding smoke from cigarettes.

As a result of the stigma against vaporizers in public places, manufacturers of these devices have started hiding them in plain sight. Most portable vaporizers are designed to fit easily within the palm of the hand, but it is still quite easy to see what someone is doing even if you can't see the device itself. The clouds of vapor tend to be a dead giveaway. Manufacturers have started building vaporizers that appear to be other items that are essentially innocuous to the public. One manufacturer has created a line of products that mimic tumbler-style plastic cups, where the 'straw' acts as the mouthpiece for the device. This idea is great for traveling, but it would be best to avoid letting someone see you take a sip from your 'drink' only to inhale a cloud of vapor if the point is to remain incognito.

The Puffit X Vaporizer is perhaps the best form of hidden vaporizer available today. It is made for dry herbs, and the device is modeled after a medical inhaler. It produces smaller clouds of vapor as well, which helps it blend in even further.

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