Top-Tier Vaping Power

There is no denying the power of the vaporizer movement. These devices are slowly taking over the personal aromatherapy market, and in many areas they are already much more common than traditional tobacco cigarettes. The reason behind the movement is that vaporizers provide much more utility, customization, and purity than older forms of personal aromatherapy. The market has grown to encompass vast numbers of brands that are all trying to gain a foothold in the burgeoning industry, and those brands exist on a spectrum of qualities that range from the cheapest and worst-made products all the way to those premium vaporizers that are reserved for those with discerning tastes.

Many people might try to argue that the products on the lower end of the spectrum, at least in terms of cost, are just as efficient as the more expensive, high-end devices. This may have some semblance of truth to it, and there may be expensive brands that don't offer the same utility as some slightly cheaper brands, but just as with many other products, you get only what you pay for. Cheaper devices will be made of cheaper materials, and since there are only a few major brands on the market, many don't boost the price of their products simply to reflect their brand name. Quality is still the king, and brands that aren't up to snuff for their price range will fall by the wayside as other brands drive past.

Users with even a moderate amount of experience will be able to determine the quality of premium device simply by looking at it and examining the components. Subpar devices will feel less solid, and they will use materials that aren't ideally suited for their function. One top-tier vaporizer that hits every one of these marks is the Firefly 2. This device provides exceptional vaporization potential thanks to the fully glass bowl and vapor path that prevents any sort of contamination in terms of taste. Metallic components have been known to instill a slight metallic taste to the vapor produced by such devices, but the Firefly 2 has no such issue.

The body of the Firefly 2 is made of durable magnesium alloy, and it has six preset temperature settings that can be adjusted using the integrated smartphone app. Best of all, it only uses convection heating to ensure no combustion occurs, and the device can be used with both wax concentrates and dry herbs.

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