Top Three Phenomenal Portable Vaporizers If You Don’t Care Much about Cost

Cigarettes can screw your lungs and sometimes, a vaporizer can screw your money. There is a real big array of vaporizers and every piece is an ideal and healthy substitute of cigarette. And, those who are selling, they know that there is a good number of guys who desperately need a helping hand to quit the destructive habit of smoking. This is the reason why some online stores are screwing your money. However, there are some online stores selling vaporizer at real reasonable prices. So, compare prices. In case, money does not matter, only the pleasure matters, then grind up your material and put it in one of the portable vaporizers listed in this article. Currently, these are reigning kings. The selection is made on the basis of personal experience, the opinion of others, and also unbiased reviews and feedback from the vaping community. Your much-loved vaporizer may or may not be on the list. Moreover, portable vape pens are excluded, only traditional vaporizers meant for dry herb are listed here:

crafty vaporizer

  • The Crafty Vaporizer: Do you know who is the crafter of this portable vaporizer that perfectly matches the quality of the Volcano? The Volcano is still one of the most popular desktop vaporizers ever introduced to the market. And, the crafty matches the quality of the Volcano because both are the products of Storz & Bickel. It has perfect, comfortable and sturdy handgrip. Quality is excellent. And, it comes with 2 years warranty. Here is why it is cool, the temperature and other features can be controlled right from your mobile phone with a small mobile app. This vaporiser is handcrafted in Germany and its lowest price is $325.
  • The Mighty Vaporizer: This is another powerful vaporizer engineered by Storz & Bickel that meet your aromatherapy needs at home, work, in the car or literally at anywhere. The quality of both the crafty and the mighty is same. It is the battery life that differentiates the latter from the former. Unlike crafty, the mighty has 2 lithium-ion batteries. There is no mobile app for this vaporizer and the cost is higher than that of the crafty. However, the pleasure lasts long. The lowest price of the mighty is $377.05.
  • The Arizer Air: It is another big name in the industry. They are the creator of the phenomenal portable vaporizer, the solo and one of the most popular desktop units, the Extreme Q. They have made it thick for perfect and comfortable grip. And, it beats the solo with its great portability. You can always have a backup. You can get the pleasure of its 5 different temperature settings all the time as it works on a replaceable battery. The lowest price you can find on the internet is $203.05.

The lowest price never means the lowest quality. Storz & Bickel and Arizer are real big names in the industry. The prices and products are genuine. Therefore, while you are saving your health by switching to vaping, you can also save your money. So, explore several stores and compare prices before purchasing. 

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