Tools of the Trade

Any experienced vaping enthusiast will tell you the most important aspect of the hobby is being prepared. This is true for almost every type of vaping since they all require components to be optimally efficient and for materials to be specifically prepared. A vape pen won't work without a charged battery, and it also won't work if the chamber is empty. In some cases where the owner doesn't properly maintain the device, other components can become clogged or burnt out. The last thing that a vape user wants is to be unable to use their device due to ill-preparedness.

If you use a device the works with wax concentrates, you'll need to carry your concentrate in a container of some sort. Many devices require new atomizers or coils when they have reached their usable limit. There are even times when you'll have to replace the battery, especially if you are far from a charger. All of these components must be carefully gathered and carried so they can be used when needed. Some of these can be stored at home for the majority of their life since you'll only need them during prep stages.

It doesn't take many vape enthusiasts long to discover what sort of supplies they need to carry in order to continually use their device without interruption. Those who carry vaporizers meant for dry herbs will need something to break up those herbs so they can be more evenly vaporized in the heating chamber. Grinders come in all shapes and sizes, but the easiest to use only have two pieces. There are complicated grinders with multiple pieces for filtering out pollen, but those are more suited for longterm use in the home. A grinder like the Space Case 2 Piece Grinder is a much better option for mobile utility.

Not only does this grinder offer superb grinding without the fuse of more complex grinders, but it can be used at home to speed up the process of grinding. Many vape users prefer to grind their herbs in large batches instead of in a per-use method, which makes transporting the perfect amount of material simple. No matter how you like to enjoy your herbs, a grinder of this sort will make sure you get the most bang for your buck. This grinder comes in three sizes and two colors, so you'll be able to find one that suits your style.

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